New Technologies in Education


Collaborative interactive whiteboard                                                                    url

Twiddla sandbox

Google Docs/Google Drive

Collaborative documents, easy document sharing

Google Docs Sandbox

Google Docs instructions

Google Drive


my class blog

English2Integrated stats

What do you think?

If you would like to start your own WordPress blog, click on Sundi Richard’s step-by-step guide . You can also watch WordPress how-to videos.

Online Quizzes and Surveys


For Polldaddy quizzes, respondents do not need to log in to complete a quiz. Only multiple choice questions are possible.  Students see results for their work, but not for the class. The creator of the quiz gets a full report of results.

For surveys, you, the teacher, get a full report of results.

For polls, the results can be shown in the poll, or they can be hidden from the participants.

WordPress 2

Today we will …
Get tips on making a WordPress blog attractive to students

  • Use text sparingly – bullet points style
  • Use lots of photos/graphics
  • Take time to display new features/sites in class. Let students try them out together.
  • Make sure students know how to get to your site easily. Ask students to call up your site on their mobiles and bookmark it. Also ask them to make a note of the site name in the notes feature of their mobiles or in their books.
  • E-mail students the link to your site
  • Let students use the blog for a little while in lab class 

and learn how to …
add photos Add photos and text documents
add slideshows
add galleries
(if there’s time) add pages